NCERT Economics Class 11th

NCERT Class 11th Economics Solution is here. we have to read two books 11th Class Economics Microeconomics and Statistics for Economics Question answers updated for session 2022-2023. Get all questions and Answers here.

Statistics for Economics Class 11 NCERT Solutions

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Collection of Data
  • Chapter 3 Organisation of Data
  • Chapter 4 Presentation of Data
  • Chapter 5 Measures of Central Tendency
  • Chapter 6 Measures of Dispersion
  • Chapter 7 Correlation
  • Chapter 8 Index Numbers

Class 11 Microeconomics Chapter wise Solutions

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Economics
  • Chapter 2 Consumer Equilibrium
  • Chapter 3 Demand
  • Chapter 4 Elasticity of Demand
  • Chapter 5 Production
  • Chapter 6 Cost
  • Chapter 7 Supply
  • Chapter 8 Revenue
  • Chapter 9 Producer Equilibrium
  • Chapter 10 Perfect Competition
  • Chapter 11 Non-Competitive Market
  • Chapter 12 Market Equilibrium with Simple Applications
About 12th Economics Books And Marking

The Class 11th Economics syllabus is divided into two main sections: Microeconomics and Statistics for Economics each section has been split 40 marks. There are 7 units in Macroeconomics and Indian economic development. 

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