11th Class History

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 History

11th class History

class 11 history is an essential subject for exams. in which you have to study Themes in world history. The 11th history NCERT book covers various topics such as political, social, cultural, and economic of world history. The subject is essential for students to understand the evolution of human society and the beginning of the new empire. While we are preparing for 11 class history it is vital to study the proper NCERT History textbook.

Class 11 History NCERT Solutions Themes in World History

Chapter 1 From the Beginning of Time

Chapter 2 Writing and City Life

Chapter 3 An Empire Across Three Continents

Chapter 4 The Central Islamic Lands

Chapter 5 Nomadic Empires

Chapter 6 The Three Orders

Chapter 7 Changing Cultural Traditions

Chapter 8 Confrontation of Cultures

Chapter 9 The Industrial Revolution

Chapter 10 Displacing Indigenous Peoples

Chapter 11 Paths to Modernization

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